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Dread Delusion is currently in development! But you can still play it early:

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At the edge of the world lies the citadel of the Clockwork God, where state-approved magic is regulated by strange machines.

There are whispers of a festering sickness, corrupting the people and the earth alike. Those outside the citadel walls are condemned to drift as twisted, unspeakable things. 

The Clockwork God has calculated that a saviour will emerge. But even God has been known to malfunction, of late.

A Small Scale RPG

Dread Delusion features an intricate 3D world in a PSX style. To progress the story and uncover the source of the land's corruption, you must:

  • Visit towns, meet characters and complete quests
  • Upgrade stats, collect gold and buy items
  • Explore the map, unlocking new areas and secrets
  • Make choices - with repercussions

Strange Places, Strange People

There are three unique towns at each corner of Dread Delusion's 3D map. They are explored through a text-based interface, similar to games such as Sunless Sea or 80 Days, and act as narrative dioramas. Events, decisions, trading and more will be found here. Expect to visit:

  • The Sacred City - a medieval keep wrought with paranoia and sickness
  • Pwyll, an oppressed pagan village where otherworld magic is supressed by the Clockwork God
  • An abandoned town, festering with corruption, whose ghostly inhabitants wait to die


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One of the games from the Demo Disc that I really want to see more of. Wonderful art style, an interesting plot so far, and has that very vague unsettling oppressiveness to it. My only wish was that I myself could have played more of it! Gameplay starts at 7:36.

Looking forward to this after playing Penitent Dead.

This game is fucking spectacular! Or , It looks like it will be. I played the demo and was blown away. Very excited for the full game to be released.

Excellent work!

I'm excited. Gonna wait for a full release. The demo was really intriguing.


I found this through the Haunted Demo Disc and I gotta say I love the aesthetics and world building you've done. I was immediately drawn in and immersed by this strange corrupted world and the giant neuron star in the sky. 

Keep up the awesome work!



hi, i tried this, but whitout the combat idk what to think about this demo


There is combat.


When I saw Vinny (Vinesauce) play this, I just had to grab the demo disk to play it for myself. You've created a real thing of beauty here, this is right up my alley. I can't wait to play the full game!

Well done!

I'm hooked, can't wait.


Wow,i love it.Is VR a possibility for the full relase ?


I absolutely adored what I saw of this in the HauntedPS1 Demo Disc, can't wait for more!

yES please


Fantastic! Your games have a totally unique and eerily fascinating atmosphere and wonderful aesthetics!


love the concept! Must play!