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I purchased the game  despite using MacOS. It's fun but I can't see any NPCs or Doors. 

Would gladly support either a MacOS version or performance improvements    for rendering via Crossover (Vulkan or DX12 renderer?)

Hype! There will be Console Version? :D

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MacOS build, pls. :)

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Please will you consider making a spear melee weapon class with slightly more range ?  I always enjoyed the elder scrolls titles when they took them away in oblivion i wept...


Just started the game in early access and loving it! It's hitting two different nostalgia spots: Poking around corners in a PS1 game looking for gold, and that sweet sweet open world Morrowind bullshit. Ten million stars. I really like that the game keeps surprising me!


Is there any chance of being able to purchase the early access release here or at GOG?

I played the demo and loved it. :)

The Steam demo was a great time, I really got into it and while I did complete everything it had to offer, it's too bad that it was taken down after the festival. It's a good size demo and I think a lot of people would enjoy it. 👍

My demo lasted like 10 mins? LULW

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I just played the demo and I love it. I wish there was a way to support your project other than Patreon. I would be more than happy to drop some money on Dread Delusion here for the Early Access. I am just not a fan of Patreon like recurring payments. 

Just out of curiosity does supporting you on Patreon get you the full game upon release?

Either way I will be grabbing this title when it releases. it is that good. 


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Any chance to get a console version for those who don't have a PC?

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Hi! Just played Steam Demo and I LOVED it. Fantastic world, I lost myself there.
But I also had issues with UI and controls. I took me some time to figure out how to equip dagger (clicked on dagger in UI but it not responded, did not know I was supposed to click empty slot first), how to choose potions, and I still have no idea how to cast Home spell (I hold mouse button, spell book appears, and I don't know what I supposed to do next).
Anyway, I really liked the Demo, played through it and completed all quests I could find. Would love to play full game!


The use of color and unique characters is really nice!

Full Demo No Commentary


Is this still in development

I would love to play your game!

Just found Last years demo disk. This game seems amazing! Please finish it when you can!

I really want the game to have Russian localization

Still hope to buy the full version! Very intrigued.

same here!


Just played the demo in the demo disc, it blew me away and I can't wait for the full release!


Great game, bad demo. Things shouldn't be disabled during the demo, as a matter of fact the "disabled in the demo" messages shouldn't exist.

All of your other games run very well on my PC but this demo has a very slow framerate. Not sure why that is.

One of the games from the Demo Disc that I really want to see more of. Wonderful art style, an interesting plot so far, and has that very vague unsettling oppressiveness to it. My only wish was that I myself could have played more of it! Gameplay starts at 7:36.

Looking forward to this after playing Penitent Dead.

This game is fucking spectacular! Or , It looks like it will be. I played the demo and was blown away. Very excited for the full game to be released.

Excellent work!

I'm excited. Gonna wait for a full release. The demo was really intriguing.


I found this through the Haunted Demo Disc and I gotta say I love the aesthetics and world building you've done. I was immediately drawn in and immersed by this strange corrupted world and the giant neuron star in the sky. 

Keep up the awesome work!


hi, i tried this, but whitout the combat idk what to think about this demo

There is combat.


When I saw Vinny (Vinesauce) play this, I just had to grab the demo disk to play it for myself. You've created a real thing of beauty here, this is right up my alley. I can't wait to play the full game!

Well done!

I'm hooked, can't wait.


Wow,i love it.Is VR a possibility for the full relase ?


I absolutely adored what I saw of this in the HauntedPS1 Demo Disc, can't wait for more!

yES please


Fantastic! Your games have a totally unique and eerily fascinating atmosphere and wonderful aesthetics!


love the concept! Must play!