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Played this alongside all the other games in the Collection last year. This one was easily my favorite of the bunch! Fantastic setting and great use of non-jump scare focused horror! I just wish it were longer, I was itching for more by the end of it! 

So I have to buy the collection?


Is the music available somewhere? Very haunting and beautiful.


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I loved it, hoping to see a full game on this.

Such a cool idea, would love to see a full game based on this!


Hey, can you tell me if the Dread X collection on includes standalone versions of the games? I would love to buy it for Shatter alone but I don't want to use the Dread X Launcher...

Also, do you have plans on expanding the game any further? The setting and atmosphere are just lovely. I think it could be explored a bit more without losing its sense of wonder :)


Very good game, I don't see that kind of sci-fi combined with post-apocalyptism very often!


I loved this piece, my favorite in the collection so far. the atmosphere is just so good it blew me away.


I made an account just so I leave a comment about this game. It's a really cool concept! I'd love to play a longer game set in this universe someday.

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?


gonna be on


Eventually, when the exclusivity with Dread X Collection ends, yeah!

The collection itself might come to itch too? But that's kind of out of my hands!