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In a nearly forgotten place, far from the Angel War, a drunken sailor crashes his ship. You have the misfortune of being on it.

"this first-person adventure feels wonderfully Morrowind with its weird fauna, its dusty environment, its alien creatures and its electric atmosphere. Influences are expertly mixed in a science fiction ghost story set in a decidedly wuthering airborne world" - Tom Sykes, PC Gamer

---    Left Click = Use    ---    Right Click = Inventory    ---    Esc = Quit    ---

---    GAME: James Wragg    ---    MUSIC: Daniel Staley   ---

Made for the Gothic Novel Jam.


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The Night is Darkening Linux.zip 45 MB


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Very unique, I loved it so much I played multiple times :D

Good, but definitly not long enough.


Epic, you can check out my game, it is linked to my account


The way the characters are presented it reminded me a lot of the game Baroque. And the atmosphere too. Really neat.


Guys, you have to make a whole game set in this universe! It was a fantastic experience, loved it!

I love the art style of the game, it's really pleasant for me. It's honestly my favorite style. Loved the gameplay and how it had a lot of things to do in a tiny space. 

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Great relaxing art game


Fantastic game!

It's like Morrowind meets Dark Souls, with a dash of H.P. Lovecraft. A very tight and well crafted, immersive game world. I really liked the atmosphere and setting, the lore bits, and the light sprinkle of music. Plus the scary house of course. Elegant ending.

Love this stuff

Enjoyed it a lot!! 

Short game with a great atmosphere and a story that leaves you wanting more. Would be great if you would expand the game, allow us to explore more islands and get more of the history of the Angel War.


Fantastic atmosphere!

Cool lil game.

My only problem was that it left me wanting more!

I love the weird and unique setting of the game.

Very short but really interesting and a bit creepy game :)

I loved this game! The only problem i have with it is that its not long enough! The atmosphere was perfect, i loved the concept. I would love to have more! A must play.

As many others have said the atmosphere of this game is amazing. Feels like there is a good story in the works but the length of the game limits how much is revealed to the player. Would love to play a full length game in this universe.

All I can say is this was really interesting and I want to know more about the game world.

An interesting game.

We made a short video while playing:

Really really excellent mood and setting. I love the whispering in the manor.

Brilliant Game : )

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Hey buddy nice to see you are proactive 

A pretty good game with a decent story. Runs smoothly and has some great sounds. The whispers are very good. A very well done... :)

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For some reason, there is lag in the mac version of the game. It's like the game freezes briefly every second when you are moving.

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Oh really? Does it only happen if you move?  Sorry about that - If you have any more info I can try and fix it in future.

It only happens when anything is moving, including riding on the ship. I have the game on the lowest graphic setting so I don't understand why this is happening.


Sorry but far, far too short. To be immersive it would need to be about 5x as long, maybe have 5 'mini levels' each about the same length as the island at the start.


You have a talent for creating atmosphere, well done!

I really enjoyed this game very much :) great job on making it keep doing what your doing :)

I LOVED IT! Everything from the art to the weird story, it just drew me into the wonderful creepy world :D

I LOVED it! I was hoping the ship would take me to the castle at the end. then maybe back around to the big mushroom tower. That would be really cool, but i love the feel of this game. Id be down to play another game like this if you made more!

Greetings from Germany! Good game man, keep it up. I really love the graphics and the sprites, it has an really nostalgic feeling. The overall atmosphere was also really good. It could have been a little bit scarier for my taste but otherwise I really enjoyed playing your game. :)


I loved the atmosphere of this game! The mushrooms and the bleak environment reminded me a little of Morrowind. The writing was great as well. Thanks for sharing this!

The intro was perfect, the music was perfect, the character design was perfect,  and there was an incredible sense of nostalgia. For a game so short it has really made an impact on me.

This post made me & my music guy very happy <3

I found your game strange and odd in the best of terms. The whole graphic style has reminded me of something, but I can not remember, with all my will, exactly what. It's almost as if I have played such a game before, but all memories of it have been erased. That has positively contributed to the gothic atmosphere for me, I suppose. :D All the little fragments and references (with the Ancient Ones and the small cave drawing you play on the Cthulhu myth, right?) are just wonderfully placed, and at the same time the game has a certain sense of humor in it. That was just gorgeous. A great jam submission that I liked to recommend in our compilation article about the Gothic Novel Jam. :) One minute of gameplay is also shown in the accompanying video. Keep it up!

Best wishes,


Thanks so much for the feature on your article! Glad to hear that it gave you an uncanny feeling...

Cthulu mythos is definitely an inspiration, although this world is also just full of giant flying sea creatures, so like the best artists the cave-people are just working with what they know ;)

Well, what a great little project. I really liked the use of the texture pack and it reminded me of the old FPS games (doom, hexen, heretic etc) and the audio complemented the journey so well.

"I just sent you off so I could vomit" hahaha, that will teach you to drink some old mushroom wine.

I also noticed octopus symbol/drawing in the cave and It reminded me of the octopus on the cliff face at the start of rage. Is it symbolic?

Then when I found the ancient item and and gave it the NPC, he then killled the angels which made me feel a little sad as they were doing nothing but it is dark atmospheric adventure and t it's part of the story.

None the less, I really enjoyed it and thank you for developing this great little atmospheric adventure.

Keep up the great work



Thanks very much! You're correct with those inspirations; also the pixel art aesthetic of Vagrant Story (which IMO is probably the most impressive use of medieval graphics on the PS1...)

As for the symbolism of the cave paintings - I'm planning another game in this series which focuses more on the 'pagan' parts. So, maybe you'll find out... ;P

I did play it a few times and really enjoyed the game. The atmosphere was fantastic and at the end I wished it had a little bit more of journey to it but you all did really well. I couldn't nor do have the time  to develope a game (but i am thinking about it) so I am always looking forward to seeing what comes out to play.

Awesome and good luck


It would be see more of this world.. and reach a destination. Oh, and not sorry about the angels... they're creepy. :) 

I liked it - the murky low-poly, billboards and chunky pixel aesthetic. There was a bit too much traipsing back and forth though I thought, although it's interesting to have so mundane a task and then, I guess, inadvertently cause a masacre?

Thanks very much, that's great feedback! Yeah I was trying to subvert the usual 'quest' narrative somewhat. Like, maybe you shouldn't just go and do what some rando dude wants