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Really love the atmosphere! This is really cool for such a short experience! (3rd game)

I made a video on your game (10:30)

Very interesting game! :)

Loved it! Would love to see a full-length game! 


Super cute. Was just thinking "Man, I'd love to spend more time in this world" but I see that the dude is focusing his efforts on a bigger RPG with some similar vibes, so I'll definitely look forward to that!


Wrong game.

Nice game, it was very interesting the concepts and I have seen an opportunities for like a different ending type of scenario such as not giving the lad the artifacts or something!

Hi! We played your game =D really interesting and playing more in the near future!


this makes me wish for more! I love it <3

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Really great aesthetic, I love this world you've created, it really sucked me in! I've played through a few times, it feels like there are so many secrets hidden just out of sight. I didn't notice the ghost on my first playthrough, so now I am very paranoid about what else I might've missed.

I wish there was some way to  help the refugees, at least I have the option to leave the island without helping the murderous nobleman. I'm guessing the protagonist has been afflicted with whatever happened to those refugees, since they both seem to be hearing voices and seeing ghosts, hopefully they can find help in the cathedral district.

love your game thank you 

Lovely little game with great atmosphear!


while a well constructed art style. The story was not that great. Neither was the Horror

Wow, great atmosphere. I really like it!


"Made for the Gothic Novel Jam." That makes so much sense. 

I honestly have no idea how this idea was borne, but it is endlessly fascinating and has so much more room to grow. We've got holy wars, angels, faceless people who are tapping into other worldly powers that are consuming them, a ghostly house, we're hundreds if not thousands of years into the future, and that's not even mentioning the gravity stones and floating land masses yet.

Are we above Earth and people build on floating platforms now, or are we in an interdimensional plane where normal physics don't really exist?

There may not be much you're expected to do as far as the game goes, but in terms of Lore, this is incredible!

I really liked it! Wish there was even more



Can we open the flying locked stone?

(First Game) This game looked amazing, absolutely loved it, though I think I played it out of order, heh

I loved the atmosphere of the game! I found myself immersed in it right away. I wish there was more to discover and explore. I would love to go from island to island learning more about the world and what it has to offer.


Nice game, I wondered if this were unfinished though? One area I was interested in but we flew straight past it lol. Keep up the good work

Love the style of your games. Felt bad for the angel spawn, maybe they could've been saved.

Have I discovered something? 


Kinda wished the game didn't end. I love everything about it and would love to see more!


im having trouble staring the game iself. my laptop says it doesnt have any programs to open it with.. any helps appreciated thanks

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The game succeeds at creating uneasy atmosphere and I really enjoyed it. No problems or bugs occured except for a typo in the last dialogue with the noble.

Something IS happening in the universe set up during the game, and we seem powerless about it. We just go on with the flow, I think this is what truly frightened me. I'm kinda sad of the choice I made concerning this specific character. Thank you for this experience.

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Hey you make some pretty amazing stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed this and Dread Delusion! You're actually exactly the kind of person I'm looking for, do you have a business email?

Played your game, and I liked it quite a bit! I made a video, feel free to check it out!

that was strangely haunting...I'm not sure why. but I liked it 

Very unique, I loved it so much I played multiple times :D

Good, but definitly not long enough.


The way the characters are presented it reminded me a lot of the game Baroque. And the atmosphere too. Really neat.


Guys, you have to make a whole game set in this universe! It was a fantastic experience, loved it!

I love the art style of the game, it's really pleasant for me. It's honestly my favorite style. Loved the gameplay and how it had a lot of things to do in a tiny space. 

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Great relaxing art game
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Fantastic game!

It's like Morrowind meets Dark Souls, with a dash of H.P. Lovecraft. A very tight and well crafted, immersive game world. I really liked the atmosphere and setting, the lore bits, and the light sprinkle of music. Plus the scary house of course. Elegant ending.

Love this stuff

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