A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There are whispers that the Endlyss have arisen. As a Knight of the Black Order, you have been called upon to investigate.

For info on future releases, please check out @LovelyHellplace on Twitter, or patreon.com/LovelyHellplace.

UPDATE: Check the downloads for an 8-page game manual!

This was made in one month, for the Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks Jam. 

---    Left Click = Use    ---    Right Click = Use Item  ---    Esc = Menu---

---    E = Equip Sword ---    Q = Scope ---   

---    GAME: James Wragg    ---    MUSIC: Daniel Staley   ---


Install instructions

---    Left Click = Use    ---    Right Click = Inventory    ---    Esc = Menu---

---    E = Sword ---    Q = Scope ---   

---    GAME: James Wragg    ---    MUSIC: Daniel Staley   ---


PenitentDeadV1.4.zip 43 MB
PenitentDeadV1.4-Linux_Data.zip 58 MB
PenitentDeadMacV1.4.app.zip 66 MB
PenitentDead_Manual.pdf 4 MB


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This game is fun to play, I really enjoy pixelated horror

I didn't understand what to do with some of the stuff I found! gotta give it another try.

Really cool aesthetics and interesting world, I really enjoyed it!

The game has a Lovecraftian feel to it and that makes it interesting. It has a big potential. The retro vibes are great. The game should be a prologue to a much bigger gamer.


LovelyHellplace´s Penitent Dead makes up for its short duration and underwelming gameplay with a sense of world building and scale that could contribute something valuble to the PSX Horror genre if expanded upon.


Hey, I've played your game a while ago and it was fun. However, it becomes way too easy when you realize that both trimping and circle strafing works in this game. You might want to get it fixed


Wonderful experience. You really nailed the Lovecraftian spookiness. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a short yet immersive horror adventure.

Thanks very much! <3

I'm currently working on Dread Delusion, which is gonna be much better, heh ;p

This game is so interesting and has so much potential, but I just find myself needing more than what's currently here. My biggest complaint is that the combat isn't good, there's no point in dodging attacks since no matter how far or fast you move you will always be hit. Even if you start moving before the enemy's attack starts, you'll take damage. On to the positives though. This game looks great, it's inspired by classic first person games from the ps1 era, and nails it both visually and audibly. The sounds are also great, and the story had me hooked, which is why I was let down when it just sort of ended. I am really hoping that this turns out to be a demo for a larger game, or even that it gets more parts like this.

I did this in a video with two other games, I'll link the video for anyone interested here: 

Interesting that you weren't able to dodge. I was successful avoiding taking damage by moving clockwise while attacking. However, counterclockwise didn't always provide the same outcome.

Fair comments! The follow-up - Dread Delusion - is already much bigger & better. It's got a demo if you wanna try it out!

I'm currently playing through the 2020 Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, so Dread Delusions for sure is getting played and I'm looking forward to it!

Just like The Night is Darkening, this game leaves me wanting more. Hope you keep making games.

We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 7: Horror


Super cool! Enjoyed a lot the game!

Fantastic, a small piece of something beautiful. The blue colored sky, it was so comfy, sadly short and great. The graphics and models were amazing.

one of the coolest games ever , damn


how would like it if markiplier played this game?


This was SO COOL. I'm absolutely following your work from now on. I need a full length experience like this. Loved it, friend.

Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed it :D

I really enjoyed the art style, the atmospheric mood this game gives, and the slight sound we hear. Played the game with my partner and she had different opinions but we both enjoyed playing it. Looking forward to your other games. I never really had a PS2 growing up but played RE series, FPS with similar visuals, and other that era of games, and you nailed it. You are very talented and looking forward to future projects. Thanks for making this games!

very kind words, thanks very much! I appreciate it :)

Next game is going to be a fair amount bigger, and will be released on my Patreon first: https://www.patreon.com/LovelyHellplace

awesome! will look into it. 

I'm finding the that the Linux version is giving, "there is no data folder" when I launch directly.  

is this still happening (or is this happening for anyone else)? I don't have a Linux comp, so I can't test it unfortunately :/

It appears to still be doing so.  At least through the itch.io app.  All I see showing up in the installed version is a .x86_64 binary executable.  I think I could download from another version and see if that ends up working.  

It is looking for a `Data` directory, copying from the Windows doesn't work, because it's looking for a .so library in there as well.  

I'm starting to think that the best way (I don't like it, and it feels hugely kludgey) is to just run the Windows version under Wine.  

This seems to be what a lot of the engine and platform providers think is, "providing Linux support".  Make sure that there is a wine version it works with.  

Works for me. The 'PenitentDeadV1.4-Linux_Data' is in the same dir as the 'PenitentDeadV1.4-Linux.x86_64', which you are running, yes?


I feel this game has a lot of potential! I'd love to to see this game expanded on! Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


As a standalone I found this a little underwhelming gameplay wise but the potential for this to be something much bigger is definitely there! I did like the lore and obvious world-building though!!

This was a great short experience! Has a foundation for a great horror adventure game! Would love to see more! Here's my playthrough: 


Im not entirely sure what I did wrong...


retarded, big dissapointment, sure "cool graphics" but thres literally no combat, waste of 3 minutes of my life, i saw the boss and expected something cool, single blow and his head came off and nothing happened, the bug thing never did anything, literally u might as well just make them a tree or something because they just take up space, please never make a game again.



Congratulations, you don't get why these games are enjoyable.



Speedran your game


This was a neat little adventure, I was particularly interested in the lore between the bug creatures and the vassals. The PS1 aesthetic was definitely nailed down, great job!


I played your game and had fun. 


Both your games have been the Cosmic/Gothic Horror, Dark Fantasy Thief-like story I've sought in many different areas of media but have never, until now, been able to find in a form that hits all those atmospheric sweet spots (on account of being overly specific :P ). I greatly appreciate that you're able to tell so much about an area and its history just through set-pieces, and in terms of communicating potential danger without having to shoe-horn combat into the game - It isn't very often I can explore and really soak in my surroundings in an interesting place without being interrupted by enemies. The only real complaint I could make about Penitent Dead is that due to the sparse dialogue in the game, it's sometimes unclear what to do next to ensure you've "done all you need to do" before leaving the area; e.g, I wandered all over the island with that wretched Scope trying to figure out what it was for and got no kind of indication that I'd hit on anything pertinent, and while I don't want to be spoonfed information I think it does help to have at least a little bit of in-game context to poke players in the right direction, particularly for games with multiple endings. All in all, greatly looking forward to your next project, and to seeing this little world you've created grow!


Heres my playthrough

Very pleasantly surprised by the graphical style here. There are tons and tons of games touting "ps1 graphics" lately and most of them just come off as weird pixelated low-poly messes. This one actually looks and feels like a ps1 title, so big props on that. I did manage to get stuck on a ledge trying to drop down at one point, so I had to play through again. I also got "out of bounds" and walked down that slope towards the second island, but there was a wall there anyways. I digress, but it was a nice little jam experience. I think you've got the style down, but I'd be interested in seeing where you can take the gameplay in your next title. Best of luck!

Wonderful visual style, solid mechanics with a ton of polish, cohesive world with a neat little story. I'm excited for what you make next!


Really interesting game! I understand you were constrained by the Jam but I'd like to see this be expanded upon in the future. Played it with some other Haunted PS1 Jam Games! (your game is first)


Ah, it was just as cool as your last game! I love the style and creepy atmosphere. Great work :D

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Hello, how is the linux build supposed to work? I tried downloading the windows version and running the linux executable inside the windows executable's folder, running it outside, changing its name, etc. (I've also tried using wine but the game was all black except for the esc menu)

I'd really want to give this a try, it looks amazing!

I get the following error:

./PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64 Set current directory to /opt/penitentdead/linux
Found path: /opt/penitentdead/linux/PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64
no boot config - using default values
(Filename: ./PlatformDependent/LinuxStandalone/main.cpp Line: 497)
There is no data folder

And if I copy the windows or mac's data folder to the same place as the executable, rename it as "data" and run it comes out with this error:

./PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64 Set current directory to /opt/penitentdead/linux
Found path: /opt/penitentdead/linux/PenitentDeadLinuxV1.2.x86_64
Unable to load mono library from /opt/penitentdead/linux/Data/Mono/x86_64/libmono.so
Failed to load mono

Thank you!

having the exact same issue, would love to give the game a try. can't run the windows version on wine either, the game goes pitch black after the intro.


This was SO great. The aesthetic is exactly what I wanted to be doing for about 2 years, this is an incredible inspiration. I like how this is basically a very small metroidvania, I liked the thick atmosphere, all around great!
There were some visual glitches when I moved the camera sideways, in which various objects scrolled at different speeds, but it looked uncanny enough to add to the mood :D


Thanks so much! Were the glitches to do with flat textures moving weirdly? That's actually a PS1 texture filter if so - think it was tuned a bit too high, though. 

But yeah, tiny metroidvania is exactly what I was going for. Glad you liked it! 


Ooh, didn't know about that, nice :)

What's the technique for creating such amazing textures? Downscaling photos and tinting them? I'd like to attempt the style myself sometime.




I loved this. The world of the game especially seems so fantastic and eerie, weird in all the proper ways! it seems so "of a piece" with your previous game, and also some to the gifs you've posted. I'm absolutely ecstatic about seeing more!

Is this still in development? I couldn't get the scope to work at all, and noticed strange gray walls around the pyramid. It's also a tad unclear if you've "done everything" and got the real ending.

Absolutely stellar game!

(2 edits) (-1)

Thanks very much, very kind words!

The game was made for a jam, so I'm not planning any major updates. I've fixed a few bugs in 1.2 though.

The strange walls were because I released a real quick update before heading off for a party - and I'd forgotten to make the invisible walls actually invisible. Whoops!

But yeah, planning to make a much bigger & more intricate follow up to this, with much more to do.

Oh, and press Q to equip the scope.


Looks really cool so far. Needs a little music but i like where it's headed. 


A little atmospheric world, love it !


Pretty cool :3


It's a nice retro styled game as well as setting up world building. Kinda wished I could go into some of the buildings though.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


hey, thanks for the feedback, that's really helpful! I totally agree with a lot of your points. Would have loved to have made the bulding interiors etc, but alas, I needed to release it for the gamejam's deadline. Thanks for playing!


Great mood and worldbuilding :)
Though I did manage to get stuck on a ledge - seems some will block you because you need to pass through the glyph barrier, but some ledges you can drop down from?


Ah, bummer! Was it on the stone ziggurat? I've since updated the game to v1.1 and improved the clipping. Thanks!

I may be having a similar problem (with version 1.2, downloaded/installed today); whenever the shrine raises up into the air, I drop through the floor and remain standing at the top of the ziggurat.  When it comes back down, I come back up through the floor and can walk back out.  I'm kinda assuming you want to be up there to use the scope to see something in the distance...otherwise I can't find a "gameplay" use for it (as opposed to its primary use for sightseeing).

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